Agada tantra is one among the branches of ashtanga ayurveda a subject which has persistently maintained its importance relevance and application till date .It encompasses the entire topic of toxicology which includes signs symptoms and management of poison resulting from poisonous animal bites like snakes, scorpion, and spider. This branch was so well developed in ancient India that the physicians of those days won the admiration of Alexander the great, whose soldiers were miraculously cured of snake bite by native poison healers from which experts in ayurvedic toxicology and snake bite healing have survived in to modern times. Systemic clinical research in this branch can help in understanding the scope and potential of the ayurvedic approach of healing in management of emergency conditions. Another important aspect of ayurvedic toxicology is the treatment of chronic poisoning. Legal aspects of medicine, which are discussed in works of Arthashastra of Kautilya need to be integrated with modern concepts and techniques of forensic medicine. The mission of the department is to explore the visha chikitsa by adapting and using current scientific technologies with collaboration to centres of excellence and traditional practitioner and to uplift the glory of ayurveda vishachikitsa.