About Department:

Department of Sanskrit, Samhitha, & Siddhanta is the most important department as it is concerned with the study of basic principles and fundamentals of Ayurveda described in classical treatises i.e. Ayurveda Samhita’s. The Sanskrit, Samhitha, & Siddhanta department imparts the knowledge, understanding and applicability of basic principles and fundamentals of Ayurveda. The department is involved in training the application of various concepts and principles of samhitha in the maintenance of good health, prevention of disease by proper diet and lifestyle, diagnosing the diseases and planning the holistic treatment approach. The department deals with classical texts of Ayurveda for scientific exploration and validation in research as well. All Samhitas are in Sanskrit language which is a divine language, hence to understand the samhitha in true sense, Sanskrit is also taught by this department along with Samhita in detail. It is only department to teach the subjects of all the three academic years, like Sanskrit, Ayurveda Itihasa, Maulika Siddhanta, Ashtanga Hrudaya, Padartha Vijnana, Charaka Samhitha and newly added Samhitha Adhyayana. 


1) To educate and instill the knowledge of basic fundamentals and concepts of Ayurveda with their applied aspects in academics and research.
2) To uphold the Basic Principles of Ayurveda in order to propagate good health and wellbeing. 


1) To prepare the skilled Ayurvedic scholars by empowering with application of basic concepts and principles of Ayurveda.
2) To impart practical training on the utility of concepts of Ayurveda through holistic approach in Prevention, Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the diseases.
3) Scientific exploration of ancient classical texts and unexplored areas of research in Ayurveda. 

Details of Teaching Staffs in Ayurveda Samhita and Siddhanta Department

Dr Bandewar Anupama

Associate Professor

Dr Santoshkumar A

Assistant Professor

Mr. Mahesh Prabhakar Hegde

Sanskrit Teacher