Kayachikitsa is the foremost branch of the Astanga Ayurveda that deals with multisystem disorders in adults; most of the treatment modalities are non-invasive, conservative, and palliative. The sole purpose of the branch is to alleviate the diseases from the roots, restore the normalcy of humor and establish health and fitness in an individual.

It is a well-established department with a dedicated team of experienced, eminent, and skilled teaching faculty fortified by a well-equipped laboratory for imparting advanced traditional and scientific knowledge to students.

The department works on domains of critical understanding and management of various diseases and is endeavouring to come up with innovative practices like specialty clinics as per the need of the society like Infertility, Geriatrics, Rejuvenation, Psychological, Neurological and Degenerative disorders along with Metabolic and other general ailments.

The faculty and the students of the department are also providing services at the rural and community level for the awareness of a healthy lifestyle, good dietary practices along with the fundamentals of protective and preventive measures for communicable diseases and also conducting free health check-ups and treatment camps.

Department also engages itself in different postings of the students to AYUSH Hospitals and teaching centers for a better understanding of Good Clinical Practices, Standard Operating Procedures; for various therapies. Critical understanding of the manifestation, pathogenesis, investigations, and management are imparted to students not only with core understandings of Ayurveda but also with inputs from recent advances, encouraging the students to acquire and execute the finest practices of Ayurveda with holistic, integrative, and customized approaches.