— Dr. Vaidya Chandrashekhar Kuppi

Education is the corner stone of economic development and prosperity. Technical and professional education is arrow to improve all aspects of life. Sri Basava Educations Trust has setup its professional Institutions which shall help in creating quality professionals and citizens capable of Making India a developed Nation. That is the purpose of establishing Sharada Ayurvedic Medical College to protect the Indian System of Medicine and develop it globally. Since our inception in 2016, Our College has fulfilled the accepted norms of CCIM. Today ours is one of foremost colleges in Karnataka, with strong links to academia, Clinical Training and the Research. It has top rate study, social and sporting facilities. Keeping in view the global corporate challenges, Our College provides the students a nurturing environment, the right atmosphere to build their talents so as to improve their clinical skills, communication skills and become a self confident Ayurvedic Doctors when they leave the Institution.